My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

Kenzie Kidman, Writer

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Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy first aired on television March 27, 2005. It is about Meredith Grey and her fellow colleagues as they face the unexpected challenges of being surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith and the other interns finds themselves having professional and personal problems. This isn’t medical school anymore; will they step it up or be cut…from the program that is. This is my favorite t.v. show because it has the normal amount of drama that you would expect but what’s really unique about it is that the writers of the show try to make it as realistic as possible.

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Glee first aired on television May 19, 2009. The show is about a group of misfits with one thing that brings them together: their passion for music. The only problem is that to stay together they have to face challenges mostly caused by Sue Sylvester, the coach of the “Cheerios.” I really like Glee because it shows that anything can bring anyone together.

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The Resident

The Resident aired on television January 21, 2018 and is about Dr. Devon Pravesh, a new resident, as well as Senior Resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins. They kind of have a rivalry: they both want to save lives but have different ways of approaching it. I really like this show because it shows two people who are almost completely opposite with only one thing bringing them together: medicine.

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Forever aired on television September 22, 2014. and is about Henry Morgan. He works for the NYPD morgue, but he has one unique thing about him: he has been alive for 200 years and he has no idea why. What he does know is that whenever he dies, he comes back to life naked and in the nearest body of water. I really like this show because it has mystery and it shows a different type of story than you would expect from a medical drama.

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Supernatural first aired on television September 13, 2005. The show is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel the country looking for their missing father and battling evil spirits along the way. One of the many reasons why I like this show is the relationship between Sam and Dean and how they will do anything for each other.

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Friends first aired on television September 22, 1994 and it is about six friends who live in the same apartment complex and face life and love in New York. I really like this show because it shows how friendships can shape and change who you are. Plus, it’s hilarious…especially the character Joey Tribbiani.

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Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters first aired on television Jan 12, 2016. It is about Clary Fray and how she finds out she comes from a long line of human-angel hybrids, called Shadow hunters, who hunt demons. I like this show because there is a lot of mystery at first and then, farther into the show, it clarifies those mysteries but introduces more confusing ones.

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13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why first premiered on Netflix  March 31, 2017. The show is about Hannah Baker, a teen who killed herself. Two weeks after her death, a classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah. In the recordings Hannah explains the 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide. I like this show because it raises awareness about suicide, plus it shows what happens after a person decides to commit suicide. Normally people leave a note that says their goodbyes but Hannah leaves tapes to let people know exactly what they did to her.

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Bones first aired on television September 13, 2005 and it is about Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who works at the Jeffersonian Institution. Temperance has the amazing skill to read clues from victims’ bones to figure out what happened to them. Usually she focuses on people that died hundreds of years ago, but law enforcement calls her to assist with investigations when the bodies are to decomposed or burned. Brennan is teamed with Special Agent Seeley Booth, a former Army sniper, who distrusts science and scientists when it comes to solving crimes. I really like this show because of the relationship that forms with Booth and Temperance over the years.

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The 100

The 100 first aired on television March 19, 2014. It is about 100 juvenile prisoners sent to earth to test it’s habitability after living in space their whole lives because of  a nuclear armageddon that “destroyed” earth many years ago. I really like this show because it shows a future that could potentially happen. It also shows how this “new environment” shapes and changes who they are based on the challenges they go through.

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My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows