What Makes a Good Student?

Cindy Mendoza

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To succeed in school, we all need to learn how to become a good student in all aspects in life, but also in our own personal way. There are many ways a student can stand out from the rest of the class. Students are distinguished by their attitude, skills, and achievements. Three students and three teachers from MC share their ideas below of what makes a good student.

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Shancie Gallo: “Are respectful and gets their work done.”

Hailey Savage: “When they work hard and are good listeners.”

Gage Creger: “When someone is an accomplisher.”


Maxwell: “Just try and at least put in effort.”

Mamanakis: “They work hard and accomplish things.”

DeMonja: “Learns how to adapt to different situations.”

Therefore, take these ideas into account in your process of becoming a “good student.”

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What Makes a Good Student?