Justice League

Kenzie Kidman

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Justice League came out on November 17, 2017. It’s an action-adventure movie. Justice League starts off with Batman, who has hope in humanity again after Superman’s death. He comes across this creature (soon to be known as the Parademon) and every time he kills one, they explode and a symbol is left behind (soon to be known as the mother boxes). This sparks him to enlist help from Wonder Woman to find out what that symbol means and how big the threat is. Batman, knowing they would need more help, starts on a journey to recruit more people. Batman recruits The Flash and tries to recruit Aquaman but fails as Aquaman goes into the sea and disappears (he comes back later on). Wonder Woman recruits Cyborg. During this time the mother boxes are starting to act up for the first time in a very long time. Steppenwolf comes back to finally take over Earth with his mother boxes but there’s just one problem: he has to get them back but they’re separated. One box is with the Amazons, one box is in Atlantis, and one box is with the humans. All of the boxes are heavily guarded. Will he get them and destroy earth or will the new team stop him and save the world? If you want to find out, you’ll have to watch the movie but if you still haven’t decided on if you want to see the movie, here are some other people’s opinions. Saylor Funk, a freshman, says, “They totally misused The Flash character…they don’t portray him correctly in the movie and Superman shouldn’t even be around the same speed as The Flash.” Do you think The Flash was correctly portrayed? If you haven’t seen the movie, maybe you should go to see if you agree. Aneesa Myers, sophomore, says “I mean, I don’t like superhero movies but it was pretty good.” So do you want to see the Justice League movie? If you haven’t, I personally wouldn’t want to again but it’s your choice.  I hope this helped you decide if you want to see the Justice League movie.   

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Justice League